Sinzing machine ( Non woven needle Punch fabric one side welded )

The basic technical data [ Non woven needle Punch fabric one side welded ]
 Working width – 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm upto 6500 mm
 Working speed – 1 do 30 m/min; average 25-28 m/min
 Main rollers – diameter 12,5″, one of them is cooled with water
 Usage of cooling water – approx. 1000 l/h. For costs reduction the water can work
   in closed circuit ( regeneration ) / option
 Winder’s rollers – 11″
 Total power consumption – 7.5Kw approx.
 Main motor ( with reduction gear )
 Winding device’s motor ( with reducer )
 Air blower’s motor
 Water pump
 Exhaust’s fan ( exhausts and heat off take )|
   Burner (s) supply ( fuelling ): LPG gas from gas cylinder ( propane-butane;
   automatic fuelling )
 Average LPG consumption – approx. 3 kg / 1000 mb – while one side lamination of
    2,0m wide foam ( 2000 m2 )
 Burners not cooled. Their special construction protect them from any deformation
   during constant work
 Adjustable composition of air-gas mixture ( for best flame and lamination 
   parameters )
 Burners automatically rotates while not burn
 Machine autoamtically stop when fabric is finished
 Working air pressure – 5-6 atm ( to adjust position of main roller and burners )
 Adjustable pressure of main roller ( overdraft )
 Additional technical details – on request
For Non woven needle Punch fabric one side welded and surface smoothing.


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