Flat Laminating Machines


Single Flat laminating machines

Single Flat Belt Flame Laminating Machine, Type FLM-06F, is designed for single laminating of various materials, such as fabrics, P.U., P.E, Aluminums sheet with PU Foam lamination, SS Sheet any thickness, EVA Sheet with PU Lamination etc. in one operation. Sandwich lamination possible with 2 passes.

Thickness up to 100 mm.

Furniture – Car industry – Sound insulation – Thermal insulation – Shoes (Gymnastics) – Wall decorations – Carpet industry – Others

Combinations of materials:
Polyurethane (Ether, Ester), Polyethylene, Fabrics, Webs, Paper, Foils, Lami- nating Films, Non-wovens, Cotton, Bitumen, EVA, others.Easy adoption to tentering, accumulators, J-boxes, Jumbo rolls etc. up to a complete non-stop line

The order

 Standard manufacturing time is up to 30 days from the day of order ( prepayment ) 
  -for one side machine, and up to 45 days for both sides laminating machine.
   However from time to time we have some ready machines on the stoke.
 Container transport from India – up to one month from departure.
 The machine can be ordered as one side or both sides flame bonding machine.

In addition

 One year warranty
 For your request we can make for you some wider machine – even up to 4,5m of working width
 Machine can be made in one electrical phase version ( standard ) or for 3 phases ( in the case total power loading is divided equally into three wires )
 Optionally on request we can deliver the machine with water exhaust’s filter, cleaning waste gases ( volatile products of partial foam melting )

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