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UKM INDIIA researching and producing many kinds of garments machinery for more than fifteen years. Especially, we have successfully applied ultrasonic technology in garments machinery and have own patent for our technology of our machines. It’s a real new technology for the processing of garments, garments accessories and non wovwn products. Our products are not only sold in domestic market, but also exported abroad, such as U.S.A, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Poland and Tunis etc.

 UKM INDIIA lace machine can be used to make all kinds of laces, to cut non-woven fabrics goods.
 sealing machine can sew fabrics without needles and thread, which will solve the needle holes on the fabrics with traditional sewing machine.
 cutting machine can cut fabrics to many strips with good side treatment.
 quilting machine can be used to compound spray-bonded cotton, non-woven fabric sponge and shell fabric. The compounded fabric can make winter garment lining, mattress cover, tropical quilt and disposable napkin. Our machine can also be used to produce geo-textile which is used in the bed of highway.
 welding machine can be used in the welding in small area for handle of bags, especially the hand water-drill welder can be conveniently used in the welding of garments. Handle ultrasonic welder cim be used in the welding in garment, respirator and medical mask.

Meanwhile, we can design and produce all kinds of novel garments machinery and special equipments according to customers’ specific requirements.

1. Applicable materials
Fabrics made of synthetic fibers or chemical fiber blended fabrics, or chemical films can be processed by this machine to become the required products, nylon fabrics, non-woven, TIC fabrics, T/R fabrics, Polyester fabrics, multi-layer fabrics, as well as various kinds of laminated or glued films and papers with fabrics etc.

2. Use merit ability:
(I). This machine can do the following jobs: sewing (seal seam), lace, emboss, cutting, shearing, splitting, punching holes, pattern, forming, printing, hot stamping( color & fold), reinforcement and ,metal wire welding and setting.
(2).Need no traditional needle & thread.
(3).No dissipated edge, wrinkle & shrinkage.
(4).Can work continuously for mass production and work curves; easy to change
(5).Can print color on the laces with colored paper.

3.Applicable products:
Lace clothes, dress laces, sport wear, doll, gloves, table cloth, Covers for chair, bed sheets or pillow, coverlet, window curtain, non-woven gown and mask, packing ribbon,Christmas ornament, flowers, formed animals. pillow shams, car coverings, tents, packing strips. non-woven carrying bags. traveling bags, hand bags. rain coats, wind coats, snow Coats. toys, gloves. chair covering, hair decorations, umbrellas. lamp shades and ,filters etc

The order

 Standard manufacturing time is up to 30 days from the day of order ( prepayment ) 
  -for one side machine, and up to 45 days for both sides laminating machine.
   However from time to time we have some ready machines on the stoke.
 Container transport from India – up to one month from departure.
 The machine can be ordered as one side or both sides flame bonding machine.

In addition

 One year warranty
 For your request we can make for you some wider machine – even up to 4,5m of working width
 Machine can be made in one electrical phase version ( standard ) or for 3 phases ( in the case total power loading is divided equally into three wires )
 Optionally on request we can deliver the machine with water exhaust’s filter, cleaning waste gases ( volatile products of partial foam melting )

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