Flame Lamination-(Both Side)


Flame lamination is often used to bond film and/or fabric to soft polyurethane foams. The process, shown below, involves the passing of the soft foam over an open flame, which creates a thin layer of molten polymer. The film and/or fabric are quickly pressed against the foam while it is still in the molten state. The strength of the bond depends upon the film, fabric and foam selected and the processing conditions (i.e., gas type, flame height and spread, foam burn-off and nip pressure).

Flame lamination is a continuous process that, depending on the equipment, adheres fabric or film to one or both sides of the foam in a single pass.



 Web handling for continuous operation
 Recipe systems
 Infeed systems with edge guiding and foam tension control
 Digital nip gap read out
 Full pollution control system
 Roll make up and Examine machines
 Edge Trimmer
 Impulse Butt Splicer for foam
 Tenter frames for headliner knits

Possible Laminations:

  • Polyurethanes to Fabric
  • Polyurethanes to Vinyl
  • Polyethylene to Foam to Foam to build up thickness
  • Polyethylene to foam to foam
  • Geonet to Geotextiles

Industries Served:

  • Automotive Seating
  • Automotive Head Liner
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Military
  • Garments
  • Sports and Gymnastics
  • Insulation


From car seats to foot insoles, composite materials created through Flame lamination are as varied as they are numerous. Automotive soft trim interior materials such as automotive headliner, seating, and door panel applications are largely derived from composite materials flame laminated. Orthopedic braces, sound attenuation materials, footwear components, MVT & Performance Barrier Films, Low Cost Disposables ,Flame & Heat Resistance, Molding & Foaming-in-Place ,Chemical & Biological Protection, Liquid & Air Containment ,Durable Garments, Molded & Die Cut Parts , Laminates, Custom Solutions and many other composite materials are the result of the flame lamination process.

The machines are designed to permament thermal welding ( conjoining ) PE (PU)  foams with desired kinds of fabrics, knitwears and nonwovens – with no glue used.

These high efficient machines are used for production foam based textile laminates – having application mainly in car seats industry ( also car pillows, mats, accessories ). The laminates are also important  stuff for upholstery, shoes production and many branches of clothes production.

The order

 Standard manufacturing time is up to 30 days from the day of order ( prepayment ) 
  -for one side machine, and up to 45 days for both sides laminating machine.
   However from time to time we have some ready machines on the stoke.
 Container transport from India – up to one month from departure.
 The machine can be ordered as one side or both sides flame bonding machine.

In addition

 One year warranty
 For your request we can make for you some wider machine – even up to 4,5m of working width
 Machine can be made in one electrical phase version ( standard ) or for 3 phases ( in the case total power loading is divided equally into three wires )
 Optionally on request we can deliver the machine with water exhaust’s filter, cleaning waste gases ( volatile products of partial foam melting )

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